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Welcome to the Lincolnshire Scouts Adult Leader, Manager and Supporter Training Pages

Adult training is designed to support you as a volunteer, so the training provided is relevant and tailored to your role. The Lincolnshire Training Team recognise there may be learning and skills you have gained through your life experiences, and our training is designed to complement these with further opportunities to enhance your individual skills.

The aim of the team is to make training accessible to all, regardless of geography, education, personal circumstances or special needs. In addition, training will provide you with the opportunities to interact and share your experiences with others.

The training and development opportunities available are dependent upon your role but they range from skills-based training such as nights away, first aid, and safeguarding through to experience in leadership, management, communication, organisation, child protection, and experience of working with young people.

How it Works

Scouting has an adult training scheme which is made up of 38 modules that cover each of these different development areas. It is a national scheme, so the training you complete in one place will be recognised in another. There are two parts to each of these modules: learning and validation.


Learning provides the opportunity to gain or improve the knowledge and skills which you need to develop for your role. The methods used for learning can involve more traditional styles, such as learning by doing and small group work, but these are complimented by methods such as weekend residential courses, mid-week evening sessions, one-to-one, workbooks, e-learning and DVD/video. This offers flexibility as you can choose the method most appropriate to your learning style. Most importantly, prior learning, knowledge, and experience are recognised as forms of learning and are valued within the Adult Training Scheme. Therefore, you may not need to complete learning for every aspect of your training. This is especially so if you can clearly show that you are able to meet the module objectives by demonstrating your skills in your Scouting role through the validation process.


This is the process of demonstrating to your Training Adviser (TA) that you can meet the objectives of the module, in practice. This can be done through a variety of methods, including the TA observing you in your Scouting role, providing evidence such as witness testimonies, or discussing the key content of the module with your TA. Successful validation is essential for each module relevant to your role. Please remember, the validation of your training should always be something that you do as part of your normal Scouting role, and should not generate any extra work.

Accessing the Training Pages

Please click on the hyperlink buttons on the left to find additional information and training opportunities available across the County. In addition, if you have any concerns or would like to get in touch with your County Training Manager (CTM) or Local Training Manager (LTM), please select the Training Team Directory hyperlink button to gain access to the list of key member email addresses.