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Manager and Supporter Training

 Manager's Courses-  2019

These courses are now  delivered by the Regional Training Team, the course will be divided into three blocks and be run over two weekends.  All three blocks, the Skills of Management, Meeting Challenges and Achieving Growth must be booked individually using the links as shown below.  In this context the term Supporter is supporting commissioner roles such as ADC (Beavers)

Here are the 2019 dates and if you wish to take part please book as soon as possible as they fill up quickly.

23rd/24th November 2019 Achieving Growth/Meeting The Challenges

These are two one day courses which will be held at Drum Hill, Derbyshire and the links are



Manager and Supporters Training 2020

These courses will no longer be booked through Eventbrite, they will be booked through Bookwhen.  The links will be added as soon as they become available.  The dates for the courses are as s are as follow:

18th - 19th January 2020 - Skills of Management - in Northants

15th February 2020 - Achieving Growth - in Notts

16th February 2020 - Meeting the Challenges - in Notts

28th - 29th March 2020 - Skills of Management - in Leics

26th September 2020 - Meeting the Challenges - in Leics

27th September 2020 - Achieving Growth - in Leics

10th - 11th October 2020 - Skills of Management - in Derbys

21st November 2020 - Achieving Growth - in Northants

22nd November 2020 - Meeting The Challenges - in Northants