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Poacher 2021 - support roles - help required

Poacher 2021 - Roles available

Poacher 2021 planning is advancing quickly with bookings opening soon.

As we start to confirm our activities we have a number of roles which can be applied for direct before bookings open.  These would suit an individual looking to become a team leader or a team of people who would like to share the role.  Full training will be provided on site so no prior experience required.

Adventurous Activities: Aeroball - A team of to supervise our Aeroball activity

Adventurous Activities: Croquet/Frisbee Golf - A team of to supervise our Croquet/Frisbee Golf activities

Adventurous Activities: Digger Challenge - A team of to supervise our Diggers

Adventurous Activities: Inflatables - A team of to supervise our Inflatables

Adventurous activities: Skate Park - A team of to supervise our Skate Park

Also available within the programme team: 

Forces Representative: A liaison with any branch of the armed forces who can facilitate educational/adventurous activities provided by the armed forces

If you are interested in any of the above roles please email:

Steve Newton
Head of Programme

Also available:

International Lead (Bookings): A lead person in charge or working with our International team to facilitate booking international groups into Poacher - Please contact

Waste Manager: A lead person in charge of waste management on Poacher - Please contact