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Scouting sisters from Metheringham raise NHS funds with virus-inspired songs

Three sisters from Lincolnshire have been writing and performing songs about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak to raise money for NHS charities.

The idea started when Scout Chloe (13) was sat practicing her guitar grade pieces and she thought it would be a good idea to write a song about the virus and the impact it is having on our lives. Her sisters Abbi (10) and Mia (7) wanted to join in and help to sing the songs too.

The sisters, who are all keen members of 1st Metheringham Scout Group, have spent recent days writing and re-writing the songs and practicing their performances. They have now created two virus-inspired songs: ‘Coronavirus is my enemy’ is an original piece, written by the girls; they have also recorded ‘It’s the coronavirus’ which is inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl.

They are concerned about the impact of the virus and wanted to make a difference by bringing a smile to people’s faces and raising money. So far, the girls have raised £263 for NHS Charities Together.

Kate Bayliss, mum to the girls, said:

“When they came to me and said they wanted to write a song about the coronavirus I thought it was a brilliant idea, as Chloe plays the guitar and the girls enjoy singing - Abbi is in the school choir.

After a few days we started to hear short parts of the song being played from their bedroom which sounded really good. They put lots of time in practicing and worked really well together which was nice to see after spending so much time together during this difficult time.

I am immensely proud of the girls and of the lyrics they have put together in creating their songs. They chose to do something for the NHS after watching the daily press conferences and seeing them struggling for PPE. It really shows that although this whole situation has changed so many lives, it is also bringing people together.”

Lincolnshire Scouts County Commissioner, Ellie Compton, said:

“While we find novel ways to Scout from our homes, it would be easy to dwell on all the adventurous outdoor fun we are missing out on but the fact is, Scouts everywhere are adapting and innovating. Seeking different ways to connect, building new challenges and perfecting even more of their amazing skills because of our changed circumstances.

When I saw the video that Chloe, Abbi and Mia had made, it made me realise the extent that our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network are immersing themselves in the environment around them and realising the different strengths they have to offer, doing their best to make a difference.

I’m humbled and proud to see how all the Scout volunteers in Lincolnshire are continuing to offer opportunity to the young people in their sections. Expressions like these give a tremendous feel of family, unity, kindness and sharing as well as being a super song and cause.”

You can donate to the girls’ fundraising efforts at: