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New Year Message from the County Commissioner

Spirit of Scouting 2019 – New Year Message from the County Commissioner

Spirit of Scouting Past…

Reflecting on Scouting during the last year, I am particularly struck by the enormous support that Lincolnshire Scouts inspires from so many who volunteer their time to make Scouting great. Whether you yourself have been invested into Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers or Network, took a young person to their meeting, provided their uniform or paid their subs. Perhaps you chaperoned a trip, attended a meeting or led an activity. You might be one of our amazing leaders who support our sections, prepared their programme or maybe you are a trustee ‘behind the scenes’ making sure that the mechanics of Scouting are well oiled with funding, governance and safety. Maybe you are organising larger events, providing activity support, delivering training or supporting the districts and county in other ways.

If you are involved with a section, group, district or the county; together we are offering and enjoying adventure at a phenomenal level with fantastic enthusiasm and a motivation to get things done. Thank you for all you do.

Unfortunately we have also faced challenges and some sad times for our Scouting family during the year and I have been touched by the way in which individuals across the whole County help each other, showing kindness, respect and community across our rural county. There has also been shared support to grow and develop Scouting resulting in joyful highlights in the county programme. Among them a chilly but well attended conference setting out ideas to #inspirethefuture, adult awards, district camps and challenge weekends, Lincub, Lincolnshire Show, Top Awards and Chiller.

Spirit of Scouting Present…

And all the good work continues.  The national Skills for Life strategy has provided a firm foundation for local scouting. Priorities for Lincolnshire, districts and groups can be aligned to benefit from the resources to contribute to the national aims in the coming twelve months and onward to 2023.  

As the new County Commissioner, I know that providing Scouting opportunities to young people in Lincolnshire is in safe hands with existing leaders, sections and groups. I plan to make sure that what is already working is visible and accessible. I am discovering so many super scouting assets and prospects that I didn’t know about as a section leader and have set about capturing them so they can be promoted, shared and used even more widely. I have also seen some really positive efforts go unsupported and will also be looking at how everything we do is influenced by national, regional, county, district, group, sections and individuals.

There is no monopoly on determining how this should be achieved and I would be glad to hear from anyone who has ideas on how we could work towards our goals as well as inviting feedback on any initiatives that are put forward.  (

Spirit of Scouting Yet to Come…

During 2019, developing amazing section leaders, digital programme planning, off the shelf programmes, simpler training and continued brand roll out are national priorities. 

The national strategy calls for growth, inclusivity, youth shaped and community impact and this request will be interpreted alongside our county risk assessments for relevant Lincolnshire action, with county and district team priorities complimenting and enhancing, rather than duplicating, the efforts of groups and sections.

There are a number of national initiatives that will affect scouting in Lincolnshire in important ways. More information will follow in the coming weeks but some of the areas that are being discussed locally include:

The role of Adult Support with a renewed focus on improving volunteer recruitment and ongoing support and development; as well as aiming to recruit adults for different roles and from a more diverse range of backgrounds.

Training review and a greater number of different opportunities as possible to complete and validate training.

Lincolnshire Scouts email address and access to Workplace, a secure social media platform for use within Lincolnshire Scouting membership. 

County website improvements with a structure that can support districts and groups in future made available as well as increasing the number of groups using Online Scout Manager. 

Outlook and programmes that are youth-led, relevant to county priorities and accessible to young people from all backgrounds, with a focus in all sections towards life skills and future employability with the County Youth Commissioner and I representing each other at every meeting, activity and event attended.

Continued use of the new visual identity and increased representation of Scouting within more civic recognition and public events.

Before me, Robin openly talked about Scouting as a family and that sentiment feels particularly relevant at this time of year. In amongst all the challenges we face, I too feel that family and hope we continue to care for each other, support each other and be patient and kind to each other. Such small acts can have a huge impact in 2019.

Thank you for everything you have done throughout 2018, it is very much appreciated and I wish you and your families all the very best for a healthy and happy year ahead.

Ellie Compton