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Exciting challenges for Billy at 7th Boston Beavers

Boston Beavers

A young Beaver with learning difficulties is excited to start his Scouting journey.

Billy has a number of learning difficulties and faces many challenges in life - including not being able to talk; he struggles with noises and many everyday things but with the help of leaders at 7th Boston Beavers, he is making lots of progress and is enjoying the group.

Billy's mother - and leader - Pippa Dore is delighted with his progress in the group:

"Billy has been very happily invested into 7th Boston Beavers. He is always very reluctant to wear anything around his head and getting him to accept a necker was a real challenge, but the leaders have been so patient and imaginative in thinking of ways to help Billy and give him confidence and he wore his necker with a huge smile as he was invested.

"I cannot thank 7th Boston Beavers enough for all they've done. Despite Billy's many challenges, he loves Beavers and as soon as I put his uniform on, he drags my bag to the front door and shouts until we leave!

"He's only been a Beaver for a few weeks but already he has broken down many barriers and tried things he wouldn't try at home. It's such a happy atmosphere there, I even enjoy it myself! Thank you so, so much. Seeing my little boy having so much fun each week like all the other children means the world. This really is what Scouting is all about."