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HQ TRAINING NEWS – June 2014 Update

Module 1 – Essential Information

This module can be delivered in a number of ways utilising small /large group settings, one-to-one or if you prefer, as an e-learning package available from the Members Section on Scoutbase. This revised module now contains elements of the Safeguarding Awareness and Safety in Scouting packages as well as an updated quiz (the results of which can be used as part of your validation of learning). So, if you need to do Module 1 and have completed the Safeguarding Awareness training already, you will only need to do the remaining elements in order to complete the Module. Please see your Local Training Manager for further information. For more information on Safeguarding Awareness and Ongoing Safety, please scroll down to the STOP PRESS section below.

Module 5 – Fundamental Values of Scouting

Please be advised that the purpose, values and method of the Scout Association have recently been amended to reflect the changing times of society and its diverse membership. If you would like further information please download the following free factsheets from Scout Shops/Adults/Publications:

FS140004 July 13 Edition No.3 Fundamentals of Scouting
FS140099 July 13 Edition No.2 Fundamentals Explained

For information, there is an online e-learning training package for Module 5 available on If you are unable to attend a locally provided trainer-led course or one of our residential training weekends then please open up the package, have a go, and see how you do.

Module 11 – Administration

This module was originally aimed purely at Section Leaders however, with immediate effect; this module is now applicable to all Managers in place of Module 20 (Administration – Managers), which is now obsolete. For those of you intending to apply for Manager Training, this new HQ directive has been embodied into the course programme at no extra cost.


• The latest edition of Policy, Organisation and Rules (PORs) is now at March 2017 edition.  See,480 

• You should all have the latest edition (Version 5 - 2012) of the ‘Young People First’ Yellow Card. All older versions need to be destroyed and if you do not hold the latest edition, you can obtain one free of charge from HQ.

• With immediate effect, Safeguarding Awareness refresher training is now available as an online training package at If you have not attended a safeguarding awareness course before, you must attend one of the training sessions delivered by our qualified staff. If your safeguarding awareness training is about to expire, then you can access the online package at but you are advised to redo the training session with a qualified trainer the next time around. That is, you must alternate the online version with the trainer version every three years.

• The new Ongoing Safety Training is now available as an online e-learning training package at in addition to the presentation version available through your LTM. This is a mandatory requirement similar to Safeguarding Awareness Training and will need to be refreshed every five years. It should be current when you are due your Appointment Review.

• Executive Committee Training is now available throughout the County. This training is useful for those of you who sit on Group, District and County Executive Committees. From 2016 a new version of Module 1E for Executive Committee members has been introduced. If you would like to book Executive training, please make sure you have a venue available for a full day course and a sufficient number of participants to make it viable. To book a course please contact Ray Dennis