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Latest HQ Training News

Getting Started

In the first five months of appointment, all adult volunteers are required to complete the Getting Started Training.

This includes

  • A completed DBS check
  • Module 1: Essential Information
  • Module 2: Personal Learning Plan
  • Module 3 or 4: Tools for the Role
  • Module 5: The fundamentals of Scouting
  • GDPR

Completed Training within Three Years

Qualifying roles must complete validation of the leader training modules. Some validation assessments may identify training requirements to improve knowledge ahead of final validation.

This validation must be complete within three years of appointment.

If training is not completed, it may be necessary to consider a role where responsibilities do not require such an intensive requirement.

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

First Aid, Safeguarding and Safety are the three mandatory areas of training. 

All roles are required to hold continuous Safeguarding, Safety and now First Aid training certificates.

Safeguarding Awareness refresher training is now available as an online training package at If you have not attended a safeguarding awareness course before, you must attend one of the training sessions delivered by our qualified staff. If your safeguarding awareness training is about to expire, then you can access the online package at but you are advised to redo the training session with a qualified trainer the next time around. That is, you must alternate the online version with the trainer version every three years.

• The new Ongoing Safety Training is now available as an online e-learning training package at in addition to the presentation version available through your LTM. This is a mandatory requirement similar to Safeguarding Awareness Training and will need to be refreshed every five years. It should be current when you are due your Appointment Review.

First Aid training will be organised within Districts and certificates should be held continuously once achieved.

Manager and supporter training

Provides our flexible volunteer managers and supporters with the tools that they need to succeed, develop and grow the Scouting movement. If you are an experienced manager your existing skills can be used to validate most modules. 

Trustee (Executive) Training

Training for trustees is now available throughout the County. This training is useful for those who sit on Group, District and County Executive Committees. If you would like to discuss options for Trustee training, please contact .

Policy, Organisation and Rules

• The latest edition of Policy, Organisation and Rules (PORs) can be found here