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Uniform Update: Wearable Technology

As you will have seen in the last membership e-mail a review of our uniform is currently underway (the last review being 18 years ago). This is expected to be a long and considered process – and no decision has been made to change at this stage, and there are no immediate changes to uniform.

We are excited to be part of developing options for wearable technology being incorporated into uniform. We are looking for ten groups/sections in Lincolnshire to sign up if they are interested in taking part in live-trials (this will be on a first come first served basis). If your group/section is interested, please contact with your preferred trial option (where possible we will try and facilitate your preferred option but it may not be possible in all cases).

What’s in it for sections/groups?

Each group/section will be provided with a full set of trial uniform for each member across the next 12 months and play a key role in supporting the development of our next generation uniform.
Where smart technology is required to support the trials, this will also be provided for the trial duration.

Option 1 – Digital Necker/Scarf/Neckerchief

Many members both young and old like to collect all the different styles of Necker/Scarf/Neckerchief and we want to bring this in-line with the latest technology trend and are looking to launch a digital version. This will feature an advanced material and LED technology allowing the wearer to collect a style via the ‘MyNecker’ app and upload to their Necker/Scarf/Neckerchief.

Option 2 – Built-in Smart Device Charging

With a greater reliance on smart devices we want to ensure they are available to use 24/7. Charge will be generated by solar panels on garments and movement via an in-shoe generator.
We successfully trialled a prototype during the recent Lincoln Monopoly Run by one of the Adult teams. This allowed their smart phone to stay charged all day.

Option 3 – Waterproof Coating

As we know, sections are not allowed outside when it rains. To overcome this barrier to Scouting we are looking at a special coating for all uniform items to repel water, meaning we can once again put the out into Scout!

Option 4 – Colour Changing Shirts

Technology allows materials to change colours based on temperature. Something that is easy to overlook on Scouting activities are the effects of heat (both hot and cold). Currently being developed are shirts that turn red when the body temperature is too high and blue when too cold to aid early identification of heat related issues.
There are currently a few teething problems with an advance feature. It is hoped that the shirts will also change to vibrant pink indicating ‘needs feeding’. The teething problems have resulted in Explorer Scouts shirts constantly becoming vibrant pink!

Option 5 – Self Cleaning and Ironing

This is one for the parents and carers (volunteers may also benefit). Through our programme we are looking to develop #SkillsForLife so it will become compulsory for all members (in all sections) to learn to wash and iron before becoming a full member (don’t worry, full support using an iron and washing machine will be given and there will be no maximum timescale on completing this!). It is hoped that this option will be adopted to make the entire Scout Uniform self-cleaning and ironing for parents/carers).