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Digital Resources

Lincolnshire Scouts provides members with a number of digital accounts and applications to support their Scouting activity.

  • An official email account so our youth member families and carers can be sure they are engaging in official Scouts communication
  • Web based information and training to provide adult members with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver the Scouts programme to young people and fulfil their role
  • Facebook accounts to maintain a public presence and share the local adventure
  • Workplace to share and connect within the membership
  • Microsoft Teams to connect and support Scouts beyond the membership
  • Microsoft Office 365 applications for digital resources


From this page you can

  • Find out what you can use digital tools for and why?
  • Access the helpdesk for support
  • Find hints and tips to help you make the most of the digital services
  • Review use cases for ideas on how you could use digital tools and submit your own


If you would like to be recognised to support use of technology tools in your Group, District or across the County, please raise a ticket at and introduce yourself. We’d love to keep you involved in developing and supporting the use of technology across the membership.


Find out what you can use digital tools for and why?

Email                Workplace                    Teams              O365               

You can also choose to use other tools such as Zoom, Google HangOuts, WhatsApp and Messenger but whatever you choose, please make sure you and your trustees (Exec committees) are aware and accepting of any risks.