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All Training due to take place in April and May has been cancelled.
A further decision will be provided for training scheduled for beyond this date.

Under new measures, Chairs, Secretaries and Treasurers must now complete mandatory ongoing learning if they have been in post for more than 5 years.

As mentioned in National Communications, now is the time to focus on any Safeguarding and Safety training.


There are several E Learning modules you could do. Once complete send a picture of the certificate to your TA.  

All E modules are linked here but please focus on Module 1, Safety and Safeguarding as a priority.

Module 1 essential information

Module 1 essential information for executive committee members

Mandatory Ongoing Safety

Mandatory Ongoing Safeguarding


Module 3 Tools for the role

Module 4 Tools for the role managers and supporters

Module 12a Delivering a quality Programme

Module 5 The fundamentals of Scouting


All these links will enable you to access modules as E learning. If you are unsure whether you need to complete these, please check your record on Compass

If you do not already have a log in name and password it is easy to set up and all you need is your membership number.