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District Commissioner:  Judy Sylvester (01522) 522786
Deputy District Commissioners:- Malcolm Moore (01522) 415875
                                                       Mark Smith (01522) 821576
                                                       Sandra Donnor (01522) 826354

LaDS Magazine Editor: Chris Dutton (01522) 684589

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2nd Lincoln (St. George)
Contact Name:- Mrs Christine Hawley (01522) 680696 Email:-

3rd Lincoln (Scampton)
​Contact:- Mr Malcolm Moore 07402504818 email -

4th Lincoln (Nettleham)
Contact Name:- Mrs Trudy Connor, email:-

5th Lincoln (Fiskerton)
Contact Name:- Mr Ben Crabb email:-

7th Lincoln (West Parade)
Contact Name:- Miss Claire Burt, email:-

8th Lincoln
Contact Name:- Miss Tammy Dolling, email -

10th Lincoln (Waddington)
Contact Name:- Mr Graham Pues -

11th Lincoln (Washingborough)
Contact Name:- Stephen Buxton or Dawn Kerry, email:-

12th Lincoln
Contact Name:- Mr Hugh Sargent (01522) 881629, email:-

13th Lincoln (Birchwood)
Contact name:- Mr Roy Shooter (01522) 684355 

14th Lincoln (St Giles)
Contact name:- Miss Lyndsey Metson ​07852 128 508, email:-

15th Lincoln (North Hykeham)
Contact name:- Mr Keith Sampson (015220 683795, email:-

16th Lincoln
Contact Name:- Miss Vicky Clipson,  07587 023382,

18th Lincoln Sea Scouts (Bailagate)
Contact Name:- Mr Nick Francis (01522) 539679 Email:-

20th Lincoln (Welton)
Contact Name:- Mr Malcolm Moore -

21st Lincoln (Bracebridge Heath)
Contact Name:- Mr Bob Gibbins 07799 311420 

23rd Lincoln (Skellingthorpe)
Contact Name:- Mr Hugh Sargent (01522) 881629, email:-

24th Lincoln (Saxilby)
Contact Name:- Mr Neil Mellor (01522) 702901 

25th Lincoln (Scothern)
Formed in April 1995, all three sections meet at the Scothern Recreation Centre commonly known as the Village Hall on a Tuesday evening. We attract members from Scothern, Sudbrooke, Dunholme, Welton and the surrounding area. As with any Group we carry out a range of activities in and around the Village Hall, but during the summer make use of the District Camp Site at Sudbrooke. Recently we participated in Poacher 2017, LinCub 2018 and Scout Survival Camp at Sudbrooke – survival being the operative word with the torrential downpours in the middle of the night.

If you would like to see us in action and give scouting a try for your child, or yourself as a volunteer; then please email me, the Group Scout Leader and we will be happy to have a chat -

26th Lincoln (Witham St Hughs)
Contact Name:- Mr Simon Evans or Leanne Parker, email:-

27th Lincoln (Thorpe on the Hill)
Contact Name:- Mr Francis Firth (01522) 686616 

28th Lincoln (Greenlands)
Contact Name:- Mrs Mary Moore (01522) 415875 Email:-
For Scouting in the Brant Road Lincoln area we have Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and explorers covering the age range of 6 to 18.

29th Lincoln (Cherry Willingham)
Contact Name:- Mrs Cilla Lamerton email:- 

30th Lincoln (Bassingham)
Contact Name:- Mrs Alison Kelley (01522) 788241 Email:-

31st Lincoln
Contact Name:- Mr Graham Markham 07703 031253

Lincoln Explorers

​DESC - Julia Tyler 07939 276910

Lincoln Network (Coldnet)
Network is for those age 18 - 25 years. We meet alternative Mondays and Friday at Altham Terrace Scout Centre.
Contact Name:- Mr David Thompson 07527 445611 Email:-