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Archery Permits

As you will already be aware “Archery” is to be classified as an Adventurous Activity under POR. The adventurous activity permit is designed to ensure that only people with the relevant skills and experience lead adventurous activities for the young people. Therefore all activities classed as adventurous can only be led by someone holding the appropriate permit. Please refer to Archery FS120406 for further details.

There are 2 Levels of Archery Permit 1) without compound bows and 2) with compound bows.

There are 2 Types of Archery Permit 1) Leadership (a group of 4) and 2) Supervisory (3 groups).

This new rule is now for implementation by 31st December 2015. During this time, reference should be made to Rule 9.36 January 2014 version of POR.

All those operating archery in Scouting after December 2015 will need a permit. If anyone has an Archery GB qualification (in date) and an up to date log, they may not need to undergo another technical assessment to get a permit, but they will need an assessor’s recommendation and a commissioner’s approval.

What do Archery Leaders have to do: Contact one of the County Archery Assessors so that a permit application can begin. You will be asked for proof of your Archery GB qualification and your archery session log or if they do not have these then you will need to be personally seen by a County assessor.

If someone needs a permit they should contact one of our county assessors: David Bell  or Helen Zealand  who will be able to arrange an assessment. The permit would then be issued by your DC subject to the usual suitability checks.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please pass this information onto other leaders as needed.


Howard Nelson

ACC Activities (Permits)