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Our Approach

If we are to achieve such an ambitious and bold agenda we need to be clear on

the principles that will define our way of working over the next four years. These

principles are:


Ambitious but realistic targets have been agreed for every part of this plan. Volunteers

and staff across the Movement will be supported to work towards these goals so that

we can unlock our collective power.

Partnership and collaboration

We make a greater difference when we work with people across society. Effective

partnership working will be essential if we are to extend our reach and impact.


We need to build a body of evidence to prove what is working as we work towards our

goals. We cannot rely on anecdote. We will build on our existing research to further

demonstrate the impact we make on people’s lives. We must do this if we are to truly

be understood by wider society evidencing our relevance and impact.

Sharing and celebrating successes

We will achieve more by sharing best practice across the Movement and celebrating

successes. We’ll find new ways of ensuring we are learning from each other and

recognising best practice.


Scouting began with a single, inspired idea and we haven’t forgotten the power of

innovation. Fresh thinking is the only way to help us achieve our ambitious aims. We

will encourage new thinking across the Movement to stimulate creative solutions to age

old challenges.


If we empower young people to drive decision-making this will stimulate new thinking

and enable us to stay in touch with a fast-changing world.

Using digital technology

It is an inescapable fact that we live in a digital world. That is why we are investing in

digital technology nationally and locally, making our new membership system (Compass)

central to making Scouting easier, more efficient and less time consuming. We need to

seize the opportunities digital technology offers us to reach new communities, share and

debate our ideas, communicate and make volunteering easier.