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Our Approach

As a County, our priority is to build on the accessibility and quality of Scouting already available by carrying out actions to achieve the goals we have set against the four objectives of Growth, Inclusivity, Youth Shaped and Community Impact.

Our goals and actions follow a simple plan outline for the coming years -.

  • High quality, inspiring programmes will be delivered through sections, coordinated by group structures in which adult volunteers are supported by district roles and activity. Assistance with wider geographical coordination and further support to adults, programme resource or additional opportunity will be enhanced by county organised activity.
  • Support functions will be provided centrally across the county wherever possible, backed up by district provision if needed, responding to group needs for growth and the ability for sections to focus on the most effective delivery of programme, equipping more young people with skills for life.
  • We strive to improve every area of our delivery, management, support and governance each year, each month, each day through setting achievable goals then sharing and learning from our Scouting experiences across the county.